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We offer result-oriented solutions to the situations experienced by hyperactive and supersensitive individuals.

We can see the patterns in the picture, yet our work is characterised by individually tailor-made finetuning.

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Globally, we see a rising number of individuals, who perform above average in several areas, have a high and diverse IQ profile. They like hiding, due to their special individual and social sensitivity; their interest is diverse, their genuity is remarkable, and many of them are unusually agile even physically. The phenomenon is undeniable, and from family homes through educational institutions to workplace it is more and more intensively transforming the scenes of our lives and the systems which operate them.

The phenomenon was first noticed by the clinic and attempts were made with drugs to tame the rebel-looking, out of line minority. In the last decade, the phenomenon has been studied by social scientists and the voices of professionals who, in addition to their significant achievements, also undertake to report on their unique sensitivities, peculiar worldviews and everyday experiences, is also rising. Their performance speaks for itself, with decades of self-knowledge training and mentoring behind their achievements.

The transformation seems unstoppable and collapses dogmas and structures inherited from the twentieth century with elemental force, questioning and rethinking everything. We need different parents, different teachers, different jobs than we originally envisioned. On this page, terms such as ADHD, ADD, hyperactivity, attention deficit, Asperger syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, high-functioning autism, which are exclusionary stamps using the perspective of the majority, are not included outside of this paragraph. We believe that this condition is a natural, healthy endowment of populous masses that ensures survival and diversity of the human species.

Their sensitivity can manifest to any extent within the body-soul-spirit unity, and due to the alertness of their attention some are real pioneers, game changers, transformation-leading change agents; they analyse and recognise situations efficiently, and as a result to their resilience, they are strategic thinkers, who are able to make serious decisions within a very short reaction time.

Success depends on the environment in which the sensitive, dynamic, intelligent and creative individual lives, be it a toddler, a young learner or an adult employee, and what support he or she receives to develop vital skills. Our mission is to offer proven methods for success.


the hypersuper home


Italian atmosphere, creative chaos
slow mornings, long evenings
how to survive at playgrounds
sensitivity in the family, multi-generational effects
guide for the hypersuper child
how to relax
have you surrendered to your child?
is your partner hypersuper?
how do we organize everyday life?
how do we select and preserve boundaries?
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the hypersuper learner


the hypersuper learner
the inattentive adolescent
the fallen-apart university student
how to effectively organise learning
parent-teacher dialogue
moving to another school
useful hobbies
successful career paths
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the hypersuper colleague


the hypersuper employee
the hypersuper boss!
the deadline freak
fear of rejection
proactivity, assertiveness
vacation planning
realistic self-image
the balance of relationships ...
order, system, regularity
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In 1997, I became a tutor to talented young students at Utrecht University. As a university lecturer, I was teaching Applied Human Behaviour. Later, I was engaged in large social transformation and international human resource projects, and until 2012, as HR Business Partner at PWC, I worked in a corporate environment, above all in the field of talent management and career planning. I provide individual mentoring since 2018.

Over the past 23 years, I have gained insight into the life events of individuals with special abilities through thousands of conversations, learned about coping strategies, helped with their individual development, and supported their success at work, family, and school as a catalyst. If you share my passion or think I can support your journey, please send a short message and we will soon respond.